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"I have only started this course and I feel so encouraged".

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Hi, I’m Maristella.

“I love fashion, art, design and marketing, of course :-)

I've been working in the Fashion Industry for more than 12 years, with my jewelry business Maiden-Art, as a fashion business coach for Ebooks4fashion and as a professor for Italian Fashion Academies.

I thought my proven fashion marketing and sales strategies to more than 3K+ students online and in Italian Fashion Academies, like Accademia del Lusso and IED-Moda Lab in Milan and Turin - Italy.

I love thinking of fashion marketing strategies and measuring my businesses performance.

I want to share my love and passion to create a successful fashion business, with the world.

That’s what all of my ebooks, online courses and consultancy 1:1 are about.

My courses will help you to create the Fashion Business and Life of your Dream.”

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